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Our History
Cream of Creams (CoC) was founded in the year 1999 while manufacturing commenced the 24th of March 2000. Cream of Creams is thus a real Millennium company.

Initially CoC entirely focussed on the recombination of dairy products and then gradually launched innovative products that allowed their customers to either reduce their production costs, save them precious time and labour or simply provide them with a unique quality offering, giving them a competitive edge.

In 2010 CoC almost accidentially entered the soup and gourmet sauce business.

In 2012 CoC started the recombination of a 'ready-to-use' mash potato by using modified equipment from the meat industry. In chilled condition a 3 weeks shelf life was achieved, while frozen the shelf life is about 1 year.

In 2013 CoC developed a pre-cooked pasta (1 minute before Al-dente) that could be stored for at least 2 weeks in chilled condition. Customer only needs to heat up for 1 minute and then serve a good pasta dish. At the same time pasta sauces were developed and today CoC can offer a wider range of pasta sauces.

In 2014 the product range was expanded by soft serve ice cream powders, which are also very suitable for smoothies, milk shakes, bubble tea, etc.

CoC maintain the attitude that when a customer asks them to produce a new product they will not say 'No', but take up the challenge.

Recently CoC has expanded their operations by installing a complete freezing unit. Today CoC can offer their soups, gourmet sauces, pasta sauces, single meals and mash potato to a wider range of customers in Malaysia and Singapore as well as overseas markets, like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Middle Eastern countries, since all CoC products are Halal certified.

The combination of cooking the pasta and producing pasta sauces let to the development of single meals, which CoC target to introduce in 2019.

The Founder

With over 25 years of experience in the dairy industry under his belt Hans realised South East Asia held great potential for an innovative dairy company and founded Cream of Creams (M) Sdn Bhd. Through his relentless enthusiasm Hans continually strives to inspire and educate his teams in the art of producing and innovating fresh products.

Besides his appetite for work Hans has a passion for reading and writing. In recent years he has authored two maritime novels. The novels are two exceptionally romantic stories from the days that sailing was still exciting.

They are available as e book:
- Love on the high seas
- Stranded on St. Lucia

Cream of Creams (M) Sdn Bhd is the regional innovator of the manufacturing and distribution of recombined dairy products such as whipping cream, cooking cream, gourmet cream, Bechamel, Mascarpone and liquid soft serve ice cream mixes.

Almost accidentially Cream of Creams (CoC) entered the soup, sauce and pasta business when a major customer asked:  ”Can you do for us a ….... sauce?“

CoC took the opportunity and since then we continuously strive to create new products that help our customers to reducing their costs and improve their efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.

A great example of our brand philosophy is our low fat cooking cream with obvious health benefits, low cost, great usability and time saving qualities. This cream became a main ingredient for our soups and sauces.

For the convenience of our Singapore customers we have established a company there, Cream of Creams (S) Pte Ltd. This company imports the products on behalf of the Singapore customers. Twice a week the CoC trucks will serve them.

With a team of over 40 dedicated employees we continue to grow our business in Malaysia, Singapore and Asia.

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