Mature Cheddar
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Cheddar cheese

Our mature cheddar cheese is a high quality product from New Zealand. It is a semi-hard, rindless cheese, with a firm and smooth body.

The Cheddar contains no artificial substances or additives, either in the cheese or on its surface. All ingredients are completely natural.

Characteristics are Uniform, creamy colour, firm, smooth body, low moisture,high total solids and low anaerobic spore-forming counts.




- 2 KG block (3 per Carton)
- 20 KG block (1 per Carton)

The minimum order quantity is 1 carton.

Custom pouch sizes to optimise your production process are possible given reasonable volumes.

Storage and handling recommendations

The shelf life of the cheddar cheese when stored at 4 degrees Celcius is at least 3 months.

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