Gourment Cream
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Gourmet Cream

Gourmet Cream is the perfect cream for a great tasting Italian white pasta sauce or spagetti sauce. We have added real cheese in order to give it a richer taste and speed up your cooking times. Yet it is 42% lower in fat.

Gourmet Cream appears thicker than any other cream and therefore lesser is  needed for the same sauce. The ‘Gourmet Cream’ is heat resistant and will not split even when reheated!


- Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia


- 1 Litre Pouch (10 per Carton)
- 1 Litre Bottle (12 per Carton)
- 5 Litre Pouch (4 per Carton)
The minimum order quantity is 1 carton.

Custom pouch sizes to optimise your production process are possible given reasonable volumes.

Storage and handling recommendations

Shelf life is 5 weeks at 4 degrees Celsius.


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